Below, we present tools and materials that can help develop and assess aspects of cultural intelligence / intercultural competence. Assessment is understood here mostly as formative assessment (formal and informal procedures employed by the teacher to modify teaching and learning and enhance students’ development of cultural intelligence/intercultural competence). For comments or questions, please contact Peter Ecke:

“Who is the Other?” (realizing our tendency to categorize and stereotype and reflecting about its negative consequences)

“My Cultural Intelligence” (assessing oneself and/or others with respect to personality traits that have been suggested to foster intercultural competence development)

“My Own Culture and the Other Culture” (assessing beliefs about and attitudes towards another culture)

“The Stories of Joanne and Joana” (detecting and comparing stereotypes about members of one’s own and another culture)

The Bucket List: 12 things to do before you die” (assessing, reflecting about, and comparing cultural values)